hiker's gold titanium pot and spoon

Our new titanium pot and spoon are now available

By Andrew Garcilazo, co-founder

We started selling backpacking meals on hikersgold.com a few months ago. Ever since, I figured we might as well start selling the things you use to eat those meals, too.

And just like that, our two newest products were born.

First there’s the titanium spoon. It’s 8.5 inches long and weighs only 15 grams. It’s perfect for reaching the bottom of backpacking meals.

Then there’s our 750 ml ultralight titanium pot. That’s enough capacity to boil water for any backpacking meal out there. Plus, it only weighs 120 grams, making it the perfect ultralight pot for your next trip.

So if you don't have either yet, or maybe you're looking to upgrade or go ultralight, give our pot and spoon a chance!

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