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All Terrain

Waterproof Bandages

Waterproof Bandages

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All Terrain's Waterproof Bandages offer 100% waterproof protection, are made without latex* and are 100% sterile. A non-stick pad doesn't stick to your wound, while a four-sided seal helps to keep dirt and contaminants out.

These bandages use a super-strength adhesive** that stays secure for variety of skin types and serves as barrier to bacteria including staph and MRSA. The bandages are portable and convenient to stow in your backpack whether you're day hiking or off on a multi-day backpacking trip. One box contains 20 bandages (3 ¼ x 1-inch each). 

*Not made with natural rubber latex or synthetic derivatives. **Not intended for use on delicate or sensitive skin.

How to use:

Apply bandage to clean, dry skin. Change the dressing daily when wet or more often if needed. Single use.

Warning: For medical emergencies, seek professional help.

Bandages are sterile unless wrapper is opened or damaged.

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