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Cocoa Oasis Nut & Chickpea Bars

Cocoa Oasis Nut & Chickpea Bars

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Say hello to Cocoa Oasis, our original Nut & Chickpea Bar!

Fuel your hike with these brownie-like energy bars, made from a blend of nuts, chickpeas, and dates. They'll keep you going on the trail, at home, and everywhere in between.

The nitty-gritty:

  • NO ADDED SUGAR: Our bars have 0 grams of added sugar and just 8 grams of sugar overall. Don't worry. They're still delicious.
  • PACKED WITH FIBER: Each bar contains 12 grams of gut-boosting fiber. Your stomach will thank you.
  • SIMPLE, REAL FOOD INGREDIENTS: We blend almonds, chickpeas, and dates to create a unique, better-for-you snack.
  • ON-THE-GO ENERGY: Eat one bar as a snack, or two for a quick meal.

*Important note: Due to the high date content of our bars, some customers may see white, powdery patches or a white, thread-like substance on certain bars. This is simply sugar crystallization and not a sign of spoilage or mold. For more information, please read this explainer.

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